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Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Food conservation & cosmetic: similarities and levers of improvement


Conservation is a major issue in the cosmetic and food sectors. However, these two sectors are not subject to the same constraints, whether regulatory or technical.

The cosmetics industry today faces strict regulations regarding its ingredients and in particular via the lists of authorized natural preservatives, which are shrinking from year to year. The food industry, on the other hand, continually seeks to increase the shelf life of its products while also reducing chemical preservatives.

Consumer expectations converge on both sectors: more natural, healthier and more transparent products.

Having neither the same stakes nor the same products, the two sectors are now moving forward in parallel on improving conservation, but could be a source of inspiration for both. Thus, the objectives of this day will be to identify the different challenges and solutions to improve conservation on the one hand, and to allow the transfer of technologies and skills between the agri-food and cosmetic sectors on the other hand.

See you on September 30th in Lyon!


Conference morning:

  • Introduction and context of the day
  • Conservation at the raw material scale: post-harvest techniques
  • How to rethink the wording otherwise
  • Conservation by biopreservation
  • Combining Effects: Hurdle Approach
  • The use of active packaging

Afternoon: BtoB meeting between all participants.

Full program & registration to come.

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