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Tuesday December 6th, 2022
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Coptis, Inc. appoints Marie Renee Thadal as Vice President of Sales and Operations.

In her new role, Marie will oversee operations for the Americas market and streamline the business development process. It will put in place effective systems to meet the needs of the organization and customers.
Prior to her promotion, Marie led Coptis' business development team for the Americas for 10 years, with a mission to digitize research and development labs.
Anne Karagoz, President of Coptis, said: " Marie has helped position Coptis as one of the leading providers of PLM software solutions for the cosmetics industry in the Americas."
Marie brings over twenty years of combined R&D and sales execution experience. A former president of NYSCC and current director of CSC Zone 1, Marie holds a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Douglass College at Rutgers University, a master's degree in cosmetic sciences from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and an MBA from Norm Brodsky College of Business at Rider University.
For the past 20 years, Coptis has been at the forefront of software solutions for cosmetic laboratories. Coptis Lab, the company's flagship product, is a PLM software for formulation development and compliance with international regulations.
The software and associated databases enable the cosmetics industry to effectively manage development projects, ensure compliance, reduce time-to-market, and improve the quality and reliability of information.
Coptis is actively working on cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, to further improve innovation in cosmetic product design.

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