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Cosmetic Valley makes French cosmetics "the beating heart of the global cosmetics industry

With its 3,200 companies and 250,000 direct jobs, the French cosmetics industry is doing well and remains, more than ever, the world leader in its sector. This is clearly borne out by the figures announced on February 7. The industry's export performance for 2022 is exceptional, with record annual growth of 18.8 %, almost 30% in the United States and the Middle East, and less in China, but the "Singles", "Spring" and "Lunar New Year" holidays marked an engaging turnaround. With export sales exceeding 19 billion euros and a positive balance of almost 16 billion euros, our industry has climbed to the top of the French foreign trade podium, alongside aeronautics and wines and spirits.

It was time, in this favourable context, for the coordinator of the French industry, the competitiveness cluster Cosmetic Valleyon the eve of its thirtieth birthday, to announce its new development strategy, particularly internationally, for the year 2023. You can be number 1 and still want to do better.

By choosing to do so, with the support of Christian Dior parfums, from the Château de Versailles, symbol of French excellence, in the radiance of the Sun King, the first propagandist of the " soft power "hexagonal, Cosmetic Valley wanted to emphasize its ambition and the quality of the roadmap it is proposing to its growing number of members. It's a question, no more, no less, for the entire industry, which integrates the entire sectoral value chain - a rarity in France - to not only maintain its global leadership, but also strengthen its fundamentals. The challenge is an ambitious one, at a time when our industry's traditional rivals (USA, Japan) are not disarming, and new competitors (Korea, for example, which has risen from 20ème 4th placeème in ten years).

The gathering of the cluster's players was first and foremost an opportunity for Cosmetic Valley to unveil its new communications strategy: a visual identity in phase with its projects and internationalization, through a remarkable spot, applauded and "kissed" by the audience, which showcased all the professions, all the generations, all the products, all the origins, all the uses linked to cosmetics, a watchword - naturally bilingual - making the French cosmetics industry ".the the beating heart of the global cosmetics industry "(beating heart of the world cosmetics industry) and a new banner, under which the entire industry will henceforth position itself on the international markets and trade shows in which it participates with its two export operators, Business France and Cosmetic Valley : " France cares for your skin "This is because the campaign is free of rights and can be used free of charge by all players in the industry. A QR code on the screen in the château's auditorium encouraged them to do so immediately.

With these new communication tools, five priorities were presented:

  1. Building win-win public-private partnerships with local, national and European public authorities
  2. Pursuing a research and innovation dynamic that is key to the competitiveness of French companies and the attractiveness of our regions.
  3. Boost jobs in the industry by promoting its professions and overcoming labor shortages.
  4. Consolidation of cluster-sponsored events throughout France, to share knowledge, promote skills enhancement and develop business.
  5. Consolidation of international communications operations promoting the values of "Made in France".

Marc-Antoine Jamet declared: " At the Château de Versailles, the symbol of France and its
he entire French cosmetics ecosystem has been invited to join us for a founding, unifying event, to mark a new stage thirty years after our creation, and to demonstrate through a modern line of communication that we are even more active, even more international. Today, we're launching a new, innovative and conquering dynamic: two years after the "Estates General for the Cosmetics Industry", organized in October 2020, and the "30 Measures for a Sustainable and Winning Recovery", which are now our roadmap, the competitiveness cluster is pursuing its mission to serve the industry as a catalyst for energy and talent, to meet the challenge of transitions that are certainly digital and ecological, but also energetic, technological and geopolitical. In a changing world, if we are to maintain the lead of French cosmetics, we have no choice but to combine excellence, experience and exemplarity.

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