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Tuesday December 6th, 2022
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Solid cosmetics: progress in a changing market

Consumption habits have been strongly impacted by the pandemic. The hygiene and beauty market was not spared, with a decline of -22.4% compared to 2019 on the occasion of the first confinement and -2.6% on the occasion of the second confinement all distribution channels combined, according to the press.

This sector was no longer supported by specialized circuits, all forced to close. At the same time, consumers are returning to basics, abandoning high value-added products such as make-up and perfumes. Due to the health context, soaps have sold very well.

The hygiene and beauty market also declined in specialized organic networks in 2021 compared to the previous year.

The solids sector nevertheless performed well, with growth in all solid forms of the hygiene department: + 3 points of market share in two years (2019-2021). Solid shampoos alone gained 2.3 points of market share vs. 2019, reaching 21.3 points of market share. Deodorants (stick, powder or solid) gained 2.1 points of market share in 2021 compared to 2019. The various forms of toothpaste (solid, powder, lozenges) increased by 1.7 points from 2019 to 2021*.

Some 13.4 million French people bought solid cosmetics in 2020, or more than a quarter of adults. According to an OpinionWay study for Alkemics, 43% of French people find that hygiene and beauty products are generally too packaged, according to the professional press. And it is true that the impact of the bathroom in terms of bottles is considerable: according to the Belgian company Wash Wash Cousin, a family of four people consumes on average 30 bottles of shampoos, 30 bottles of shower gels, 30 tubes of toothpaste and 30 deodorants per year. This is why consumers who are sensitive to sustainable consumption turn by conviction to solid versions with many advantages: zero waste, practicality, economic gain...

From ancestral recipes to innovative formulations

If the solid soap is not new with the emblematic soaps of Marseille or Aleppo, manufacturers are committed to developing varied and qualitative formulas. Shape, scent, abundance of foam... Every consumer finds the qualities they are looking for thanks to an offer that continues to grow.

The solid shampoo, more recent, acquires its legitimacy. While it left many people skeptical in its early days, the proliferation of the offer and the consumer experience has positively changed its acceptance within households.

As for solid toothpastes, they emerge in different forms: lozenges, powder, solid stick... A playful and innovative side that seduces more and more.

The advantages of solid cosmetics

Solid cosmetics have several undeniable advantages:

  • More concentrated, without water, they are effective;
  • Responding to consumers' ecological motivations, they eliminate waste: no more bottles to throw away!
  • Another important point is the economic factor – a solid shampoo replaces about three bottles of liquid shampoo;
  • They are convenient for travel – no problem by plane with the limitation of liquid products;
  • Their formula is natural – without water, no need for preservatives!
  • Their minimalist concept – a single product can often be used for several uses, it clears the bathroom drawer and the toiletry bag!

Committed brands

A pioneer in the solid sector, Lamazuna has been reducing household waste since 2010 by offering zero-waste alternatives and smart accessories. All types of hair have their own solid shampoo: oily, dry, colored, sensitive scalp... Soaps, shaving breads, deodorants, shea butter, makeup remover treatments, complete the range.

The Green Emporium is the latest creation by Laetitia Van de Walle, founder of Lamazuna. Its new version solid shampoos are available exclusively for large and medium surfaces. Limiting as much as possible the plastic waste that suffocates the oceans, such is his fight! The Green Emporium is committed to this perspective with Surfrider Foundation Europe. Like Before, it is the story of a couple who are looking for ecological products at the birth of their child, interested in the composition of soaps, among others. One thing led to another, the family business grew to offer several variations of soaps, a powdered deodorant, a solid cream, a solid makeup remover, detergent, dishwasher powder... as well as cotton accessories. Their offer has recently been enriched with linen and cotton clothing.

Endro means "nature", "environment" in Breton. For the two founders Marion and Boris, originally from Lannion in the Côtes-d'Armor, this word takes on its full meaning. Originally with four types of handcrafted deodorants, the brand has grown rapidly thanks to the success of its Ulule campaign. Today, the range includes, in addition to deodorants, solid shampoos, toothpaste, face or body creams, etc. The small glass jar with the wooden spatula is now his trademark!

Specialist in cold saponified soap since 2009, Gaiia declines soap in all its forms: surgras soaps, Marseille soap (based on olive, coconut olive or coconut olive and hemp), Aleppo soap, baby soap, surgras soap with antiviral action, etc. Toothpastes and solid shampoos are also part of its range.

Powders of vegetable ingredients packaged in pretty recycled cardboard boxes from the company Powder naturally beautify the hair. Inspired by Ayurvedic traditions, these powders are available either pure (marshmallow, neutral henna, rhassoul from Morocco, green clay, neem, sidr ...), or already mixed to offer the best hair masks (repairer, sublimator, detox, "no poo"). Pure powders have several uses (dry shampoo, skin mask, etc.). For each, the site offers adapted recipes.

Valuing the shells of white oysters harvested along the Breton coast, this is the beautiful idea of Perlucine who has made them attractive cosmetics. The oyster shell, rich in trace elements and mineral salts, remineralizes the skin and hair. Shower, shampoo, deodorant, facial cleanser... Products in powder form should be mixed with a little water. His shampoo powder received the Natexpo Silver Trophy 2021.

Wash Wash Cousin, a Belgian company, believes that the time for action has come. With its solid products for the face, body or hair, the company works for zero waste at home and seeks to make its products accessible to as many people as possible. Pleasure, practicality, efficiency are his leitmotives.

Smart accessories

To support the consumer in his zero waste transition, Lamazuna develops practical and adapted accessories. Its organizer keeps solid cosmetics dry while differentiating them. Thanks to its two-sided illustrated grids, we recognize its product for hair, body or face. No more risk of making mistakes! Easy to use, it stacks, lands, or hangs. Eco-designed, it is guaranteed for life.

I love my teeth won the Natexpo Silver Trophy 2021 in the category Products and services for the home and the person with its magnetic soap holder to keep its solid product dry in the shower by hanging it on a wall with a suction cup. It helps maximize the shelf life of solid soaps and shampoos. An accessory that quickly becomes a must!

Natexpo welcomes these brands committed since their creation to waste reduction during its next edition, from 18 to 20 September 2022 at Eurexpo Lyon.

* Sources : Agence BIO, BioAnalytics, INC, biolineaires.com

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