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Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Coverpla, embarked with the scents of FiiLiT travel

Coverpla is committed to the adventure of the alternative perfumery brand FiiLiT, developing a bottle from its catalog in refillable version and a décor declined in 14 references.
Surya, Mazhar, Amante, Joli Coeur, each of these 14 perfumes tells a strong story, a quest that the brand's globetrotters have experienced around the world. Andalusia, India, Atlas, Amazonia... they brought back from these incredible destinations the essence and magic that gave birth to this collection of travel. Régis the creator of FiiLiT wanted it to be respectful of Man and his environment. Its value chain is proof of this.

Packaging rechargeable

For this development, the brand has selected the Cara bottle (50 ml) proposed by Coverpla for its simply beautiful shape and a good grip. It has a screw ring for rechargeable function. These major assets make it a fragrance that is both nomadic and sustainable. Coverpla also made the screen printed sets for the 14 references. The brand has also selected a wood hood colored to the shade of each of the fragrances.

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