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Friday August 12th, 2022
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Gattefossé receives an award to in-cosmetics for its new active ingredient Solastemis


Three years after the last edition of the in-cosmetics Global exhibition in Paris, Gattefossé yesterday won the bronze award for the best ingredient in the cosmetic active category for its Solastemis innovation. The culmination of several years of research by our experts in sourcing, plant chemistry, cell biology and clinical evaluation.
Solastemis is a powerful active ingredient that protects the skin against UV-generated aging and meets the growing needs of consumers concerned about the health of their skin. It acts at the heart of epidermal machinery, protecting keratinocyte DNA from UVA-induced damage and stimulating DNA's natural ability to repair. In doing so, it preserves epidermal stem cells and ensures long-lasting skin health.

The active molecules of Solastemis are extracted from Sechium edule (also called chayote or christophine), a fruit grown and harvested by hand according to zero waste principles, in Reunion Island.

"This is great news, we are delighted to win this award. Solastemis is the result of several years of research and collaboration between Gattefossé researchers, the Civil Hospitals of Lyon (HCL), the University of Grenoble and the Commissariat aux Energies Alternatives et à l'Energie Atomique (CEA). It is a very complete active ingredient that fights against photoaging, in particular by protecting our cellular DNA and stem cells. We are proud of our teams who worked long on this ingredient and we thank the in-cosmetics jury for their decision! " explains Paula Lennon, Cosmetics Group Director.

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