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Laboratoires Expanscience unveil their 1st mission report

Laboratoires Expanscience, which became a mission-driven company in 2021, has published its first mission report. Having committed to becoming regenerative by 2040, this report marks an important milestone in the company's transition, and in the achievement of its CSR objectives.

"Helping people shape their own well-being is our raison d'être. We are convinced that good health no longer depends solely on individual choices and therapeutic treatments. The well-being of individuals and the health of the planet are collective and interdependent issues. The situation is urgent: our planet is facing unprecedented social, climatic and environmental challenges, and I'm convinced that companies are part of the solution. As such, we have made our raison d'être our backbone and our compass. This report shows where that compass is taking us, and more importantly, where we are. While I'm proud of how far we've come since signing the United Nations Global Compact in 2004, I'm also aware that wanting to become a better company for the world means doing even more.comments Jean-Paul Berthomé, Chairman of Laboratoires Expanscience.

A raison d'être, "Helping people shape their well-being

To translate its raison d'être into concrete actions, Expanscience relies on four statutory objectives and its impACT CSR program, co-constructed in 2021 with 40 employees.

The Mission 2022 report takes stock of Expanscience's progress in meeting its four social and environmental objectives. These include:

  • Design products and services that are useful for well-being, eco-socially designed, and increasingly inspired by nature and the living world. 

100 % of new Mustela products designed and manufactured in 2022 follow an eco-socio-design approach. All Mustela product ranges contain an average of 95 % of ingredients of natural origin.

100 % of Expanscience cosmetic active ingredients are of natural origin, and 33 % are certified organic, or equivalent, or fair trade.

  • Contribute to achieving global climate objectives and protecting and regenerating biodiversity

Expanscience has reduced its carbon intensity by almost 8 % in 2022.

Expanscience has pursued and reinforced its decarbonization and energy sobriety initiatives, notably at its production and R&D Innovation site in Eure-et-Loir: purchase of biomethane production certificates as part of its energy contract, shutdown of one of its three main boilers, ISO 50 001 certification.

All our employees worldwide have been trained in the Climate Fresco.

Expanscience is moving towards integrated carbon accounting to "count what counts" in its day-to-day operations and in its investment requests to guide its decisions.

  • Helping employees to play an active role in their own development and building a more inclusive and supportive company with them An equality index 

Women-Men rated 99 out of 100 in France A comprehensive benefits audit carried out in all Expanscience subsidiaries, with the aim of implementing a Care Policy by the end of 2023.

85 % of Expanscience subsidiaries certified Great Place to Work.

  • Mobilize our communities and ecosystem to build a business model with a positive impact on society, individuals and their environment. 

93% of Expanscience's strategic suppliers assessed their environmental and social practices on EcoVadis. Gradual transformation of the Mustela brand offering in line with Expanscience's impACT program and the roadmap defined by the brand at the Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat (CEC).

Expanscience is one of the 14 sponsors of the "Pulp in Action" consortium: a research and development project dedicated to packaging issues, focusing on the use of cellulose fibers as an alternative to plastic.

Towards a regenerative model

The report highlights the transformation undertaken by Expanscience to build a positive impact business model and become a regenerative company by 2040. With this in mind, Expanscience's objectives include:

To phase out the manufacture and marketing of Mustela wipes, which currently account for 20% of the brand's sales, by 2027.

Validate a trajectory for reducing greenhouse gas emissions (scopes 1, 2, 3) compatible with limiting global warming to 1.5°C by 2030 as part of its commitment to the SBTi (Science Based Targets initiatives).

Complete a biodiversity footprint by 2023 and define an action plan by 2024 to reduce the impact of our activities on ecosystems and help restore their capacity to regenerate.

To have all its subsidiaries worldwide certified Great Place To Work by 2025.

Deploy experiments to test new regenerative models (offers, services, partnerships, etc.) through its Lab impACT, which brings together internal and external players working to promote the transition of Expanscience and its ecosystem.

"Expanscience is a family-run ETI, and that's a real blessing. This governance allows us to make bold choices and rethink our business model to reduce and replace negative externalities. Our aim is to gradually shift, by learning, towards a business model that is compatible with planetary limits, and that regenerates living and non-living ecosystems. This first report confirms that we're on the right track... but that there's still work to be done!"says Karen Lemasson, CSR and Open Innovation Director at Laboratoires Expanscience.

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