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Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Mintel announces major trends in beauty and skincare products

Well-being, value, technology and the environment: expert on what consumers want and why, Mintel has published four main consumer trends that will influence the global beauty and personal care industry in 2021:

  • A beautiful spirit: brands have the opportunity during these uncertain times to participate in building routines by using products that capitalize on the protection, value and rebuilding of trusting relationships.
  • Beauty re-evaluated: in a context of reduced expenditure, use will be conditioned by the functionality of the product and its purpose. Value will be measured on one of the criteria of quality, convenience and impact rather than price.
  • Distribution channels, drivers of change: thanks to solid e-commerce strategies, brands will earn points through an omnichannel approach capable of pushing the limits, engaging all the senses and offering new digital experiences.
  • On the way to green beauty! : in a context of exiting containment, consumers are preparing to reassess their priorities by giving more importance to ecological and ethical considerations, which will lead to more purchases.

Associate Director, Global Beauty and Personal Care, Andrew McDougall details how these key trends will influence the beauty and skincare industry globally, including for manufacturers, businesses, brands and consumers.

A beautiful spirit

"In the future, the brands that will bring long-term value to consumers will be those which will succeed in demonstrating the link between beauty routines and method of combating stress and anxiety and which will bring normality to these. uncertain times. The dissemination of strict safety guidelines will help to inspire confidence and attract new customers who want to return to the shops safely. Using outside experts, strategies should educate consumers on the holistic approach to wellness and health and the interconnection between mind and body while validating the principles. "

Beauty re-evaluated

“The experiences will be valued more than the product itself as consumers en masse re-evaluate the products essential to their survival. Brands wishing to encourage their customers to consume premium products will be forced to redefine the notion of value, beyond cost, by relying on the impact of purchase but also on the notion of comfort and that of quality. Flexitarian behavior will gain momentum, as a result of an increased trend in consumption across all product lines. Reducing customer acquisition costs and increasing lifecycle value will require listening clearly and unambiguously to the real expectations of customer groups. "

Distribution channels, drivers of change

“Over the next twelve months, customer lifecycle loyalty and value will be driven by many digitized and sophisticated digital touchpoints focused on the need to capture individual lifestyles. Retailers' strategies will be developed with a view to orienting consumption towards branded sites advocating authenticity and challenging the large marketplaces which have not yet provided proof of the transparency of their chain. supply. Thanks to the help of trained and trusted staff, the professional sector will be called upon and used as part of a true multi-channel strategy to offer a better beauty experience. "

On the way to green beauty!

“The brands will continue to collaborate and support local businesses thanks to an authentic and long-term strategy that responds to the evolution of consumer trends oriented less on price and more on convenience stores. The creation of the next evolution of the “clean” trend will involve the marriage between ethics and safety in order to meet the expectations of buyers of beauty products who are respectful and careful not to take reckless risks. As consumers move in and out of large cities and small towns, the products and services to which they have access will evolve according to their priorities. Investing in various touch points will ensure optimal product discovery and encourage repeat purchases. "

Jane Henderson, Global President, Mintel Beauty - Personal Care, concludes:

“As experts on what consumers want and why, Mintel Beauty and Personal Care is in the best position to predict future consumer behaviors. For over ten years now, we've been able to accurately predict the consumer and market trends that have shaped the global beauty and personal care industry. Thanks to our knowledge, our calendars and our recommendations, more than 3,000 brands have developed winning strategies. We fully deserve our reputation, which is well established. And even today, we continue to stay one step ahead. "

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