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Tuesday December 6th, 2022
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Skinobs equips its Clinical Testing platform with a new search filter by measuring device name

The expert device filter complements the advanced search capabilities of Skinobs' Clinical Testing platform for human testing, tolerance testing, biometrological testing, consumer testing or sensory analysis. This new filter is in addition to the already existing filters allowing cosmeticians and clinical evaluation managers to deepen the search for methods or test laboratories around the world:

  1. Advanced filters: degree of technology, degree of novelty, type of results,
  2. Expert filter: type of method, Test laboratories, Apapreil manufacturers.

"This new filter makes it possible to identify and locate simply and quickly the service providers who carry out tests on aspecific areil app. This is particularly useful when it comes to performing a biometrological test with a measuring device identical to a previous study, or during a multicenter study project for example, or simply in case of need for additional resources,"says Anne Charpentier, founder and CEO of Skinobs.

Skinobs' two test platforms, preclinical and clinical, allow test managers, through reserved and free access, to identify methods, biomarkers, test laboratories around the world to support the claims of active ingredients or finished products.

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