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Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Cosmogen introduces Perfect Match, its patented brush with tank for liquid foundation

Cosmogen's teams are mobilizing to offer ever more innovative and efficient solutions. Renaud van den Berg, CEO since 2014 and a cosmogen shareholder, highlights the creativity of Justine Rechenmann, who created Perfect Match, an ingenious brush designed to receive and apply a liquid foundation formula. It consists of a silicone tank or foundation deposit, and an original tuft of hair allowing it to flow from one to the other for a judicious and professional application.

''I am very happy to have been able to develop this patent, a challenge in the world of the brush for make-up. To achieve this, I first analyzed the market context and identified the heavy trend of liquid foundation, without having an adequate applicator. This is how the idea behind Perfect Match was born! All this of course in close collaboration with the technical team. Thanks to Cosmogen for trusting me.''Justine Rechenmann

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