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Monday February 6th, 2023
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the magazine Industries Cosmétiqueswas the first French magazine to produce its own thematic podcasts dedicated to cosmetic perfumery. Four programs are offered with several episodes for each of them. You will be able to access the programs summarized below directly. 

Listened directly on our site or as a free subscription and available offline on the main podcast platforms.

The end of the sleepless nights

Veeva and Industries Cosmétiques are launching a new podcast dedicated to the day-to-day work of cosmetics industry players. Resolutely practical and short, each episode responds concretely to a problem encountered by cosmeticians. Training, regulatory records, marketing, etc. All topics will be covered.

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Let's discuss the perfume and cosmetics market with its players. We meet manufacturers, subcontractors, researchers, industrialists, perfumery-cosmetic producers. Their favorite subjects? Ingredients, assets, raw materials, packaging, software, formulation and everything necessary for production. A program proposed by the magazine Industries Cosmétiques.

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the editorial of the magazine Industries Cosmétiques

The magazine's editorial Industries Cosmétiques read quarterly by Nicolas Gosse, Editor-in-Chief.

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Corpo35 Perfume Awards

What if you were the next best independent perfumer? Impossible ? Certainly not. The founders of the Corpo35 perfume awards competition give candidates the means to express their creativity and bring out talents in perfumery. In this program, we meet the organizers of the competition, the candidates, the winners and the industrial partners who make this great adventure possible from year to year. We bet you're going to wear perfume at the end of the listen ?!

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