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Thursday October 5, 2023
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Modernize Your Quality Control Lab

Revolutionize your QC testing at a fraction of the cost, delivering quicker results, shortening supply chain, and accelerating product decisions.
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How PLM software drives innovation

The highly complex process of developing new products is central to the cosmetics industry. Find out how PLM can help.
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TNT Group designs new hood for Penhaligon's The Omniscient Mr. Thompson

Spain's Puig reveals a new fragrance to complement the Portraits Penhaligon's collection. Mr Thompson is a discreet and devoted butler, keeper of family secrets and...
Sepiclear G7

Seppic demonstrates the new properties of its eco-responsible solubilizer Sepiclear G7 to boost preservatives

In recent years, consumers have been looking for finished products with a short Inci list, no controversial ingredients, limited environmental impact and a high level of naturalness...
Portrait_Dr August Grupp_CEO Stoelzle Glass Group

August Grupp, new CEO of the Stoelzle Glass Group 

The Stoelzle Glass Group has announced the appointment of August Grupp as its new CEO. The son of Cornelius Grupp, owner of the Stoelzle Glass Group since 1987, August Grupp is well...
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Albéa's paper tube now protects Klorane baby care cream

French dermo-cosmetics and pharmaceuticals group Laboratoires Pierre Fabre worked closely with Albéa Tubes to reinvent the packaging of its iconic baby care product from...
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Texen designs the cap for the new men's fragrance Myslf

For the launch of its men's fragrance Myslf, Yves Saint Laurent has chosen ultra-premium refillable packaging. It entrusted the...


Coverpla accompanies Koesio fragrances   

Since the beginning of the summer, Koesio fragrances have been distinguished by a particularly distinctive customer experience. For its development, the young brand chose Coverpla, for its proximity, and for its...



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L'Oréal creates an endowment fund for the climate emergency

The L'Oréal group announces the creation of a new fund, endowed with 15 million euros, designed to develop the resilience of vulnerable populations...

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Pierre Fabre Laboratories acquire a stake in MiYé, a start-up specializing in hormonal well-being

MiYé, the French brand of skincare products and dietary supplements dedicated to women's hormonal balance and well-being, announces that Pierre Fabre Laboratories has acquired a stake in the company, founded in...

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