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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Beauty Fab event. Techno Challenge: Data, industrial performance and environmental impact monitoring

Come and attend, on December 10, an unprecedented event around the optimization of industrial performance and environmental impact through the use of data.
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The CNRS mobilizes to support the Perfumery-Cosmetics sector

Innovative and growing, the Perfumery-Cosmetics sector today has different needs from chemistry. The CNRS proposes to be the partner of the actors of the sector.
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Verescence Expands Global PCR Glass Production Capacity with launch of Infinite Glass 20

As part of its "Verescence 2022 – Forming The Future" strategy to make the group the world reference in the sustainable beauty market,...
Plasmatreat Buse RD1004- -

Printing luxury perfume glass bottles: a new plasma cleaning application

Plasmatreat presents a new application of its Openair-Plasma technology successfully implemented in the field of luxury packaging to optimize the finishing and printing process...
Beautigloo Refrigerated box- -

Start-up Beautigloo raises €2.7 million to become the world leader in refrigerated beauty

Beautigloo carries out its first capital increase to meet the strong demand it is facing. The funds raised will allow it to increase its production capacity and...
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TNT Global Manufacturing headdress It's Paris de Carven

The hood of C'est Paris, Carven's latest fragrance is a TNT Global Manufacturing production, based on the design by Thierry de Baschmakoff. Designed in glossy black injected PP for...
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infinite glass 20 production- -

Verescence expands its global PCR glass production capacity with...

As part of its "Verescence 2022 – Forming The Future" strategy aimed at making the group the world reference in the field of...


A moisturizing and scented hydroalcoholic hand gel Sublime Balkiss

A house of high perfumery, The Different Company transforms an everyday gesture, which has now become essential, into a moment of pure pleasure. By declining the wake of the Sublime fragrance...


[podcast] Cosmetic 360: innovation on the 2/5 agenda

For the second episode of our series of 5, we start our exploration of innovation with Le Rouge Français, pioneer of plant coloring. Then we open a shutter...


Weleda B Corp 2 Jonathan Normand Michael Brenner- -

Weleda is B-Corp certified

Weleda has obtained the B-Corp (Certified Benefit Corporation) certification, which allows it to integrate an international movement of companies with high values and standards rooted in...

Industrial processes

[podcast] Cosmetic 360: innovation on the 5/5 agenda

For our latest episode dedicated to the innovation encountered at the Cosmetic 360 show in 2021, we give the floor to Seprosys, winner of an Award at the show, who we...


[podcast] Are speed and quality incompatible?

Let's go for season 2 of the show: "The end of the sleepless nights", the show that helps you in your daily life as a cosmetician, proposed by Veeva. The whole issue of this...
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Skinobs equips its Clinical Testing platform with a new search filter by measuring device name

The expert "device" filter complements the advanced search features of Skinobs' Clinical Testing platform dedicated to human testing, tolerance testing, biometrological testing,...


TiL, a beauty and wellness brand with linden trees, relies on regional support

To support its development, TiL has chosen to open its capital in a minority way to regional financial investors.  Territorial anchorage being at the center of the brand they founded, Odile...

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