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Friday August 12th, 2022
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Biodegradable impregnated fabric masks


Euro Wipes, Anjac Health & Beauty group, specialist in wipes, cotton discs and impregnated fabric masks for hygiene, cosmetics and health applications stands out by launching the first 100% natural, compostable, biodegradable fabric masks, with packaging in recyclable paper bags.

Euro Wipes places sustainable innovation at the heart of its strategy and has invested in 2020 in a new manufacturing line for support masks to complete its offer of dermo-cosmetic and cosmetic products.

The impregnation supports of Euro Wipes fabric masks are of plant origin, compostable and biodegradable. But to succeed in the bet of a 100% compostable product, Euro Wipes has also developed a compostable formula with 99.5% of ingredients of natural origin. And all this without compromising on efficiency.

On the packaging side, the recyclable paper bag, 100% made in France, is authorized to integrate the already established paper recycling sector.

"Euro Wipes continues its progress for ever more innovative products combining efficiency, practicality and durability",it is indicated within the company.

Eco-design at the heart of development

From formula to packaging, Euro Wipes relies on eco-design for the development of its products. With a 100% compostable finished product (support + formula), Euro Wipes masks are certifiable "OK Compost Home".

A compostable product is biodegradable by nature but the reverse is not always true. The new Euro Wipes masks, under the action of natural microorganisms, at room temperature and an oxygen-rich medium, disintegrate into soil-like by-products. The latter can then be reused as a natural fertilizer. This is a significant point when we know that the law provides for a solution for sorting bio-waste at source in all households before 2025, allowing you to no longer dispose of your biowaste in residual household waste.

Also, Euro Wipes confirms the clean and safe nature of its innovations through the tests that have been conducted on the products developed on the one hand and thanks to the beautylitic formulatory intelligence tool on the other hand with which the entire Anjac group collaborates closely.

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