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Friday August 12th, 2022
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Freshly Cosmetics: a routine to unleash the natural power of curls


Launched in 2016 by three young Catalan chemical engineers, the young company Freshly Cosmetics advocates a healthy and sustainable cosmetics.

The lanxe company Wonder Curls: the combination of two innovative formulas to fight against unruly, dull, dry hair and obtain flexible and defined curls, hydrated, voluminous and naturally shiny hair. The stated objective of the routine: to release the natural power of loops.

"Thanks to the natural active ingredients of curly Vibes Defining Cream and the 100% natural ingredients of Radiant Curls Oil Serum, this routine goes beyond the external appearance of the hair, since it takes care of the inside of each hair fiber,"says Freshly Cosmetics.

Curls or ripples more or less light from the root: according to the company, the daily Wonder Curls routine of Freshly Cosmetics maximizes the natural curls of the hair by improving their definition, shine and flexibility.

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