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Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Perfect complexion made to measure, a new global solution by Strand Cosmetics Europe

Strand Cosmetics Europe offers the possibility of developing a fully personalized tinted cream - color, effect, texture - thanks to the addition of 2 activating serums in its daily skincare base.

This new revolutionary concept is the assurance of a tailor-made complexion with a precise, natural and luminous finish.

The strength of the concept lies in the possibility given to the consumer to create his own tinted cream, in total adequacy with his complexion. It consists in adding to your daily skincare base first the complexion activating serum then, depending on the desired effect, the light activating serum. This pearly white fluid emulsion provides a satin finish, very K-Beauty! To accompany the 2 activating serums and for ultimate personalization, Strand Cosmetics Europe has selected 3 bases with very different textures:

  • Revival Cream: firm and smooth, this cream combines well-being and high technology. HYAL-X3 Complex and red algae extract plump and rehydrate the epidermis, and improve skin architecture.
  • The Protectionist: this velvety, evanescent oil-in-water emulsion was formulated for delicate and dehydrated skin. Non-greasy, it penetrates quickly, softens, hydrates and soothes the epidermis.
  • Rose Hydra Jelly: This aqueous jelly coats the skin with a soft, fresh film, thanks to the rose distilled water and the white rose extract. Neither sticky nor oily, it keeps the skin deeply hydrated.


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