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Tuesday December 6th, 2022
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Unipex: a 2022 concept on the Waterless beauty trend

On the occasion of the Cosmet'Agora show held on January 11 and 12, Unipex unveiled its new box of the year: "Oasis", on the Waterless beautytrend.

"Indeed, time is running out! Water is a commodity that is becoming scarce and already a luxury for some. Let's avoid its exhaustion, rethink our consumption and act! Discover this disruptive box and break the codes of your beauty routine. In care, as in hygiene, Waterless Beauty arrives in your bathroom. Protect the planet and your skin, with our three ultra-sensory products! Formulate with less (or even without) water! "says Unipex in one of its communications.

In the box are: a melting makeup remover wax (waxy anhydrous texture that melts on application and turns into oil with a light and non-greasy touch), an eco-designed soft emulsion (silky touch, cold formulated with a selection of durable ingredients), and a concentrated lactescent mask (a waxy gel to milk has a lactescent effect for hydration and a beautiful radiance of the complexion).

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