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Micro bristles – the new must have in skincare

Looking for pure, hygienic, applicators with resilience and higher dosage and application precision? The portfolio of beauty packaging specialist GEKA is featuring micro-bristle applicators to apply liquid or semi-solid substances to the skin with greater precision and hygiene and improve the existing applicator systems.

Applications with cotton buds, flocked applicators, nail varnish brushes, or fingers offer a lower level of hygiene and precision and cannot preserve total sterility since the fibers can adhere to the skin during application.

In contrast, GEKA’s micro-bristles offer hygienic, as well as dot and track precision due to their composition and geometry. The bristles do not spread, and thanks to adjusted rigidity and perfect resilience, they can also reach hard-to-access areas.

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The innovative micro bristles allow for precise, hygienic, and soft product application. Further, exact matching of the applicator to the application, product, and customer requirements. Made of pure pharma-grade plastic, avoiding any  no use of glues, fibers, metal or additives, the micro bristles applicators are sustainable and guarantee a reduced product waste paired with higher dosage and application precision.

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Modernizing your lab can improve employee retention

Modernizing your lab could be the answer to improve training, improve retention, and relieve the supply chain bottleneck.

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