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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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Aptar Beauty - Home creates a new solution in partnership with the Shiseido Group

The new collaboration between Shiseido and Aptar has given rise to an unprecedented technological adventure in the history of perfumery.
At the end of a year of intense work on materials, cuts and textures, Eau d'Issey, Issey Miyake's iconic juice is now available in a revolutionary double packaging called IGO / ISTAY.

The ISTAY bottle, slender and elegant, pays homage to the design of the emblematic bottle of the fragrance and is intended to remain sedentary, unlike the IGO cap which surmounts it. Light and unbreakable, the latter is ready to accompany its owner to the office, on weekends or at the end of the world! With its 20ml of perfume and its integrated vaporizer, it clips and unclips on its ISTAY base and presents an ideal format for nomadic use.
Completely independent, it slips into a bag or suitcase and allows you to perfume yourself at any time. This exclusivity, which combines practicality, daring and innovation, finds its technical culmination in the Woman's version of Eau d'Issey where the nomadic hubcap is equipped with a spherical actuator incorporating a safety device to guarantee perfect sealing, but also on the male version and on Nectar.

A mechanical, aesthetic and logistical feat

To bring the Shiseido group's project to life, Aptar has mobilized all its resources in the field of the design and manufacture of tailor-made components, in particular by creating a high sub-assembly with a pump, a bottle, a pusher and a hood equipped with a spray.
The final cover is also a feat in terms of the decor since it was necessary to respect the selected color, the lacquering on the Men's version, respect the metallization on the Women's versions and ensure the good hold of the aluminum, copper and silver finishes. .
Finally, the finished product is the result of a logistical feat since it required the association of several teams located on different sites and responsible for developing the various elements of the system. Entirely personalized, it is the result of close collaboration between Aptar, its partners and Shiseido. It devotes an exceptional industrial know-how.


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