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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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Aptar is committed to sustainable development

Anxious to develop more sustainable packaging that meets the needs of its customers, it is now strengthening its activities in this area in order to help them achieve increasingly ambitious objectives.

Limit the impact of packaging on the planet

By 2025, 65% of all packaging waste in the EU will have to be reusable or recyclable *. With this in mind, Aptar offers solutions that respect the environment by working on energy management issues (ISO 50001 standard), certifications of non-landfill of waste and evaluation of the life cycle of products.
Particular attention is thus paid to the circular economy, which allows materials to be recycled rather than destroyed. And to support
this continuous effort of responsible production, Aptar launched in 2012 a working group tasked with developing and developing ever more efficient and environmentally friendly packaging thanks to the use of recyclable materials such as the PP / PE used for the Micro and Mezzo airless pump bottle ranges, and low energy consumers.

Innovate for more eco-responsibility

Constantly looking for suppliers and materials capable of replacing standard fossil resins, the group has turned to post-consumer (PCR), post-industrial (PIR) resins and bio-plastics tested in its R&D centers. The first is a mixture of recycled resins that would otherwise have become urban waste. The second consist of a mixture of recycled resins from industrial waste. The latter come from organic raw materials and plants rich in carbohydrates, such as corn, sugar cane or their waste. Aptar also recently launched the first dispensing system made from a material of biological origin, the GSA bio pump as well as caps and other packaging in PCR resin.

Mezzo Eco, the new airless in recycled and recyclable plastic

To continue to innovate, widen the path of the circular economy and thus offer several life cycles to its containers, Aptar is today launching Mezzo Eco, an airless pump bottle designed for face care and foundations. 100% recyclable (pump included) and made from
25% recycled resins, it contains no metal or silicone parts and has been labeled by Ecocert. This more efficient use of resources means less costs and less waste and one more step towards virtuous and ecological management of packaging.

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