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Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Arcade Beauty designs a contactless sample dispenser

In the logic imposed by the new sanitary gestures, Arcade Beauty continues its innovation in the field of contactless. The ScentSeal is available in stores and in self-service.

Because the fragrance test is an inseparable preamble to the act of purchase, brands and retail professionals must adapt to the health situation with innovative, practical and respectful solutions. These are prerogatives that should remain valuable in a post-Covid context where consumers are likely to maintain their demand for health and hygiene.

Rochas has chosen its model, chic and identity

To accompany the launch of its Girl perfume, Rochas entrusted Arcade Beauty with the development of this dispenser and a ScentSeal perfume label. Treated as a POS, this dispenser is a cardboard box made in compliance with the perfume's CSR codes. Attached to the base with an adhesive, it contains 100 printed ScentSeal cards, the reverse side of which allows the consumer to help himself.

Developed from scratch for Rochas, this solution is based on the recent innovations carried out by the Arcade Beauty group on the "contactless" experience.

It aims to replace the use of the tester at the point of sale, but also the distribution of the sample by a consultant. Thus presented in store, it inspires, according to Arcade Beauty, a playful and innovative discovery.

Initially, this distributor will be distributed in department stores in the Spanish market.

For more information: https://www.arcadebeauty.com

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