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Friday August 12th, 2022
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Cosfibel deploys its eco-design


Since the CARES program, historically dedicated to solidarity sourcing and ethics, the group's CSR policy has grown in scale. In this context, Cosfibel is systematizing a global ecodesign work, certain models of which will be presented during the Luxe Pack Special Edition.
At Cosfibel, the notion of CSR is a collegial value that has long been part of the group's DNA. Major work relates to audits of partner factories on energy measurement, fluid control or the recovery / recovery of production waste. Then, ecodesign takes its place at the center of the creation committee to which is added the expertise of a committee specifically dedicated to CSR. Aware of the strategic stakes of this eco-citizen approach for brands, Cosfibel structures its research work. It capitalizes in the form of a database, all the information and initiatives collected by the ecosystem that the group enjoys on the environmental impact of products during their life cycle.

 Materials and processes

In its environmental approach, innovation is based on multiple criteria such as sourcing (proximity, impact of materials, etc.), production methods (tools, energy management, etc.) and recyclability. In terms of materials, Cosfibel historically works with cardboard, paper, wood and even tin, which has a low carbon impact.
For its accessories and promotional luggage, the group, for example, puts forward jute or recycled cotton, a source of alternatives to plastic and is considering exploiting fabric recovery channels in China or in conjunction with its new Tunisian partner.
"We invest to create products that tell a story that is mastered from A to Z, according to the best compromise between aesthetics, cost and function," explains Stanislas Péronnet, CEO of Cosfibel. Our permanent search for sources of “eco friendly” materials and the various possible applications allows us to always push our expertise further. Our openness and our international network give us a real advantage in this ”.


Cosfibel will take advantage of the Special Edition By Luxe Pack to present boxes modeling its eco-design approach. Among the main advantages: Material reduction, use of a single material, FSC and 100% recyclable, water-based printing, European manufacturing, etc.
With this in mind, innovation is at the service of ecodesign, in particular to replace plastic wedges with paper / cardboard solutions that are just as strong, recycled and recyclable, products that can be delivered flat and ingenious closing systems, which make it possible to combine aesthetics and single-material.

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