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Cosmetic 360: the winners are...

At the Cosmetic 360 trade show, a jury of professionals and journalists (including Industries Cosmétiques) handed out the 2016 awards in 6 categories. The winners are...

Raw Materials category:
SYTHEON for the Synoxyl project
A photo stabilizer and SPF booster with antioxidant properties, at a time when the galenics of suncare products are becoming more sophisticated and daily care products all have a sun protection factor, an ingredient with a lot of potential.

Formulation & Manufacturing category :
OMNICOS for the Chalky Eyeshadow project A new way of formulating powders in the form of a pencil gesture; interesting at a time when textures are becoming increasingly sensorial and surprising.

Packaging & Conditionning category:
KARZA for the Helium project A new, innovative, environmentally-friendly airless pouch for personal care and cosmetic products.

Testing & Analysis category :
NOVITOM for the Ultimate analysis of Cosmetics project Non-invasive 2D and 3D imaging for in situ visualization of cosmetics applied to tissues (skin, hair, nails). This tool visualizes the penetration and effect of cosmetics on these different tissues.

Consumer Experience category :
PICXEL for the Face2Market project A new solution to better understand consumers by analyzing their emotions when faced with stimuli.

Category Support function for cosmetic industry:
COSMETOLAB for the Cosmetolab project Innovative platform for manufacturing preservative-free cosmetics to meet current regulatory requirements (formulation, decontamination and microbiology).

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