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Tuesday October 3, 2023
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Cosmetic Awards 2021: innovation rewarded

On the occasion of the Cosmetic 360 trade show held on October 13 & 14 at the Carrousel du Louvre, the Cosmetic Awards 2021 were presented on October 13. 

They aimed at rewarding the most beautiful innovations of the 2021 exhibitors presented in the following categories:

  • Raw materials
  • Tests & analysis
  • Formulation & Contract Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Industrial equipment (new in 2021)
  • Brand & distribution
  • Special Jury Prize on ecological hedonism (theme of the 7th edition)

The 2021 winners in each category are:

- Award for formulation & contract manufacturing: Eurowipes, a company that develops an impregnated mask packaged in a 100 % recyclable paper bag made in France, a fully biodegradable finished product.

- Award of raw materials: Laboratoires Eriger, a French company developing a unique technology for the vectorization of highly concentrated products and unstable active molecules.

- Packaging Award: Eurovetrocap, an Italian company developing the first cosmetic dropper made from 24/410 monomaterials.

- Industrial equipment award: Seprosys, a French company developing a mobile unit that offers a process for the production of active ingredients from all raw materials.

- Brand award and distribution: Voysen, a French company that publishes a software program that provides access to a single database of consumer reviews and their analysis for over 50,000 products. 

- Award tests and analyses: Kamax and Oxiproteomics, French companies setting up the "hair protection index", a unique 2-in-1 analysis that combines efficacy studies at the molecular and structural levels.

- Special Jury Prize "Ecological Hedonism": Innov&sens, partner of the Polymeris cluster, a French company working on a recyclable packaging made of 2D and 3D eco-designed fabric, made from ocean plastics, to awaken the senses.

After examining some 160 projects, the winners were selected by a jury composed of journalists from the professional press.

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