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Deinove and Greentech announce the launch of hebelys, the result of their collaboration

Deinove, a biotech company that discovers, develops and produces high value-added compounds from rare bacteria, and Greentech, a major player in the production and distribution of biotech-derived ingredients, today announce the launch of Hebelys, the first anti-aging active resulting from the collaboration initiated in March 2017.

Hebelys was presented on Greentech's stand at the In-cosmetics Global trade show, which took place in Amsterdam from April 17 to 19, 2018.

This anti-aging active ingredient is obtained by fermentation of a bacterium of the Sphingomonas genus, a rare micro-organism from Deinove's strain library.
In tests, Hebelys demonstrated its ability to preserve the skin's youthful appearance, by acting on various parameters: protection against oxidation, stimulation of collagen, elastin and fibrillin synthesis... Hebelys has a significant and proven action on the expression of the p16 I INK4A protein, a key factor in premature cellular aging.
Hebelys protects the skin, restoring its density, suppleness and elasticity. It is visibly rejuvenated.

Hebelys is the first ingredient to emerge from the collaboration between Deinove and Greentech, the fruit of a combination of complementary skills: Deinove selected the strain, developed the production process to achieve optimum fermentation performance, and supervised the in vitro tests designed to characterize the extract; Greentech developed the formulation process, and validated stability and safety, as well as efficacy through additional ex vivo tests.

Hebelys will be marketed effectively by Greentech.

Jean-Yves Berthon, CEO of Greentech, comments: "This first collaboration is a real success. Hebelys is a very fine active ingredient, totally in line with our catalog and our ambition to offer high-tech active ingredients to the cosmetics industry.

Emmanuel Petiot, Managing Director of Deinove adds: "The joint work of two teams has been very rewarding. We're proud to have met Greentech's expectations in terms of innovation and to have produced a commercial product so quickly, and we intend to continue along this path."

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