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Friday August 12th, 2022
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DSM and Albéa join forces to offer sun care


Dutch society Royal DSM, a global scientific company, has announced its partnership with Albéa to offer sustainable packaging for its solar formula prototypes and realize its vision of a responsible product offering.

The shift towards more sustainable beauty and skincare products is not new. But increasingly, consumers looking for planet-friendly options are expanding this scope to also include packaging, looking at the packaging itself to make responsible choices. According to a recent study by Mintel, 83% of Malaysian adults would like to see more innovative sustainability ideas from major beauty brands, while more than half of German adults believe that eco-friendly packaging for skincare products does not contain plastic. In addition, growing consumer concerns about the safety and ease of use of packaging are fuelling the demand for safe packaging. With the cosmetics industry producing more than 120 billion packaging units per year, the opportunity for a positive impact on the planet through more sustainable packaging is enormous.

Two companies, a commitment to a sustainable value chain

The partnership between DSM and Albéa is a key milestone and underlines both companies' commitment to sustainability. Through this partnership, DSM can provide its customers with a complete sustainable sun care solution. As a first step, DSM plans to transfer most of its solar formula prototypes into tubes, known to be the packaging format with the most impact on sustainability as well as safety and hygiene benefits. In addition to protection against microbial contamination, the tubes also offer minimal product loss (compared to spray formulations, for example).

The Albéa tube used in DSM's formulation prototypes combines the 3Rs: recycled content, ready to be recycled and reduced weight. Albéa's tube is composed of a Slim cap with a light and eco-designed look, combined with a lightweight structure from Thin-Wall technology for a reduced weight solution. This ready-to-recycle tube in current recycling streams also incorporates a maximum level of post-consumer recycled content (PCR), with the tube reaching 38% PCR (62% excluding cap) for a D35 tube, 50ml thus contributing to the evolution towards a circular economy.

Every step counts

"Customers and consumers are looking for a commitment to sustainability throughout the value chain. To make our offering more sustainable, we need to work together and strive to introduce sustainable practices at every stage and in every area of our business," says Gaelle Bathany, Global Director Sustainability DSM Personal Care and Aroma Ingredients. This requires thinking differently and taking many small but thoughtful steps in the right direction, such as formalizing our partnership with Albéa. Albéa shares our broader commitment to encouraging sustainable practices in this sector by developing solutions and services that help customers minimize their environmental footprint. »

Caroline Hughes, Marketing Manager at Albéa Tubes, adds: "We are rethinking packaging to make it circular, with a low environmental impact and safety. This radical change requires collaboration along the entire value chain, as illustrated by this partnership between DSM and Albéa. We combine our expertise, our capacity for innovation as well as our social and environmental responsibility so that beauty and skincare brands can meet their own commitments to their stakeholders. »

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