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Cosmetic packaging manufacturing in Europe for more than 50 years


Ancieto Canamasas founded Faca Packaging, in Spain, in 1970. At the end of last year, the company celebrated half a century of activity despite a difficult 2020.

Over the past 50 years, many things have happened, some positive, others difficult. Despite the current global situation, Faca packaging continues to occupy a prominent place in the field of luxury and high-end packaging for the cosmetics industry. Its mold manufacturing division is also joining the party, since it produced its 3,000th mold in 2020, placing innovation in the fields of injection and blowing at the heart of its approach.

Technological innovations

This year was also important for Faca Packaging, which continued to modernize and renew its machines. Significant investments have been made in machines for more durable and lower consumption, both in terms of injection with the acquisition of heavy machines allowing molds with multiple cavities, and in terms of decoration and decoration. assembly, with advanced machinery for quality control using very high speed artificial vision cameras.


This year, Faca Packaging has renewed its most representative model, the T22 refillable jar - version, which has been the subject of constant imitations over the past 20 years. Now, it has a refillable cup, as well as the possibility of making it from recyclable and recycled materials.

Since 2019, Faca Packaging has been using 100% renewable energy in the three factories, the injection mold factory, as well as in its offices, thus continuing the commitment to a sustainable environment, all of the electricity consumption comes from fully renewable energy.

"In addition to this, we must not forget the most important pillars that have always characterized Faca Packaging: research and development, design, exclusivity and quality, it is stressed within the company. We work 100% cleanroom with a guaranteed system, approval of ISO 9001 certifications, and the current development of ISO-14001. »

Added value

The product has two important elements. The first is technical. It concerns the functional elements on which the packaging design should be based for safe and clean packaging.

The second element is aesthetics. Essential aspects such as design, decoration and finishes come into play.

“Our great knowledge and our attention over these 50 years have enabled us to meet this aesthetic, technological and functional challenge in an exceptional way. We maintain the objective of launching between 4 and 5 models per year, as well as increasing our list of patents, which currently has more than 300, according to the company. We are very proud to be able to celebrate our 50 years, and we obviously thank all our customers for the confidence they have placed in us during all these years. "

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