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Friday, July 1, 2022
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Givaudan Active Beauty features an ingredient to naturally reduce the appearance of stretch marks


Givaudan Active Beauty presents Centella Cast made by green fractionation from one of the most famous medicinal plants, Centella Asiatica. Acting on the mechanisms responsible for the formation of stretch marks, this ingredient acts on four levels to restore the elasticity, density and firmness of the skin, thus reducing the appearance of stretch marks for all consumers.

Often considered an inevitable side effect of pregnancy, stretch marks or streaks can develop on the skin at any age, in both women and men. Up to 86%1 of Americans experience stretch marks during puberty and one in two women2 during pregnancy. This skin condition, which is neither dangerous nor physically disabling, can lead to problems with self-confidence. For example, 71%3 of women in France say they are concerned about the appearance of stretch marks.

"Skin damage in stretch marks is normally concentrated on the dermis, where one can observe a disturbance of the normal network of elastic fibers, an alteration of collagen fibers, a loss of fiber organization and orientation, and erythema. As a result, the skin appears less firm and less malleable, and stretch marks are visible. Centella Cast effectively opposes these problems and helps the skin regain its elasticity and firmness. Thanks to these multiple mechanisms, it can also be applied from head to toe with an overall firming and anti-sagging effect," says Giada Maramaldi, Global Category Manager for Active Beauty.

Centella Cast has been clinically tested on women and is believed to demonstrate significant improvements in the epidermis and dermis at four levels:

  • Thickness of the epidermis in the center of stretch marks (+39%)
  • Skin elasticity (+62%)
  • Microcirculation of the skin (+162%)
  • Appearance of the skin (+42%)

To highlight the benefits of Centella Cast, Active Beauty has formulated an inspiring concept: Body Confidence. This lightweight and delicate emulsion aims to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, improve the overall collagen content of the skin and fade the color of stretch marks over time.

1 Oakley A. et al, NCBI Bookshelf, 2022
2 Medical News Today, 2018
3 IFOT, France, 2014

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