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Friday August 12th, 2022
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Givenchy chooses the Artist Bubble tube from d'Albéa for its new Cushion Kiss soft gloss balm


Created for women always on the go, the Artist Bubble sponge tube by d'Albéa is the ideal combination to take anywhere, and adapts perfectly to makeup products such as concealer, cream eye shadow, cream blush and gloss.

It has been specially designed to echo the great trend of “Cushion”. Women often have their makeup on them for quick touch-ups any time of the day, while on the go, at work, or even in the evening. Artist Bubble does not drip and guarantees precise and very easy application. Compact and easily transportable for quick touch-ups, it encourages multiple purchases. A single gesture is enough for a very gentle application, by small touches, for superior and precise results.

The decor of Cushion Kiss features a combination of black lettering and areas of transparency, which highlight the vibrant hue of each gloss.

For greater product differentiation, Artist Bubble is available in several decoration options, including 6 colors offset printing, screen printing, Pixel Graphics technology, hot stamping and mat and gloss varnish. The tube has a diameter of 16 mm and has a capacity of 5 to 15 ml.

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