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Industrial processes

Improving packaging line efficiency with automatic fillers

When it comes to optimizing the productivity and quality of your packaging line, there are many factors to consider. The integration of machines such as fillers, screwers and labellers enables packaging speeds to be increased considerably. This in turn saves time for the company's core business: production.

Increased productivity

"One of the main concerns of any manufacturing company is to increase productivity while maintaining product quality. CDA automatic fillers are designed to achieve this balance. They are renowned for their versatility, and are thus able to fill a wide variety of containers quickly and accurately without making too many adjustments. CDA engineers are also committed to creating machines with "good cleanability". This considerably reduces packaging line downtime.says CDA.

Error reduction

CDA's automatic fillers feature advanced technology and precision control to minimize filling errors. This means less wasted raw material, fewer rejects and a significant reduction in labor costs associated with error correction.

Lower operating costs

The efficiency of a packaging line has a direct impact on operating costs. "By investing in CDA automatic fillers, it is possible to reduce expenses related to labor, training and quality control operations. What's more, these machines are designed to be easy to maintain, clean and adjust, minimizing unplanned downtime and repair costs."continues CDA. 

Improving product quality

Product quality is essential to attract new customers, retain their loyalty and maintain a solid reputation in the market. CDA's automatic fillers ensure precise, professional product dosing, avoiding the inconsistencies often associated with manual filling methods. CDA offers the option of customizing filling parameters to meet exact product specifications, guaranteeing consistently high quality.

"CDA filling machines are investments that help companies improve their packaging efficiency (and therefore indirectly their production). They offer higher productivity, fewer errors, lower operating costs and improved product quality".concludes CDA.

Photo: K-Dense, automatic filling table for dosing pasty products. Photo taken from cdafrance.com.

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