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Friday, March 31, 2023
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in-Cosmetics Global – 4th edition of Boost Your Test

4th edition of Boost Your Test at in-cosmetics Global from 28 to 29 March in Barcelona: the opportunity to discover the latest technological innovations, nomadic methods or neurosensory evaluation tests.

Skinobs gives a new appointment to skincare creators, ingredient manufacturers and cosmeticians from all over the world on the Boost Your Test (#Z10) stand, organized in collaboration with in-cosmetics Global and with the support of PHD Trials, CIDP, Miravex, Newtone, Bionos Biotech, in the heart of the Testing & Lab area.

Boost Your Test is a rare opportunity to discover the latest innovations, trends and measuring devices in the field of testing. Educating, inspiring, sharing ideas and fostering collaborations, this is in-cosmetics Global's mission to the sectors of the cosmetics industry.

Skinobs' platforms help cosmeticians, R&D managers, formulators, marketers or regulatory managers to find recognized test providers and relevant methods worldwide to support the claims of finished assets or products.

Following a search principle by menu, filters and keywords, Skinobs offers cosmeticians and active ingredient manufacturers a free, fast and in-depth consultation of methods (technical sheets) and laboratories (laboratory sheet) as well as the possibility of a direct request for information from service providers.

Skinobs thus helps to optimize innovation, performance, cost and product development time.

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Cosm'Innov Congress – May 24th & 25th 2023 – Call for abstracts

Submit an abstract before January 13th and become speaker for the 5th edition of Cosm'Innov, The International Congress for Cosmetics Research.

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