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Cold marking by Wauters


"Packaging goldsmiths"... since 1909, gilding has been at the heart of the history of the Wauters house. Today, this signature is expressed through a new investment and a new know-how, technical and innovative, which opens new perspectives to packaging.

From gold leaf to industrial innovation

Originally, Charles Wauters created a gilding workshop on leather in the Marais in Paris: binding, book covers, leather underhand... Charles Wauters invents his tools, develops the Fixor (intended for the collage of gold leaf, this product is still marketed at Rougier & Plé), and develops equipment at the source of the current profession of gilder.

Expert in gilding, Wauters transposes and sharpens its know-how from leather to cardboard, to collaborate today with the biggest names in Perfumery, Cosmetics and Spirits around the case with high added value.

The house equips itself year after year with the most precise and specific technologies, such as hot marking deposited in cylinder associated with a embossing group, with a unique machine in the world developed in partnership with Steuer and which allows unparalleled precision on the large hot marking flats associated with a embossing group.

Naturally and in continuity, Wauters is now developing its proposal for cold marking. An offset at the tip... to brown cold

Last year, Eric and Thierry Wauters (4th generation of the house) decided to invest and equip the Burgundian B.Pack site with a new offset press.

This year, the Villebon-sur-Yvette site is equipped with the brand new Heidelberg machine, the CX 104, recently revealed exclusively at the China Print show. The Wauters house will be the first to benefit from this new generation of offset, more efficient and ergonomic, with its unique and intuitive desk, which allows to further enlarge the print format with a sheet size of 720 x1040 mm.

At present, this equipment is complemented by an Optima cold marking module (or cold rolling) from Vinfoil. A new stage in the "gilding" know-how of the house is developing in line with Wauters standards of requirement and towards a technicality with multiple possibilities.

Cold marking, a simplified process

If cold marking is not intended to replace hot marking, it is an alternative and complementary process, which offers three major advantages: performance, ecology, design.

The transfer of gilding is done directly on the offset machine.

Unlike hot marking which requires the use of a gilding iron tool, the cold marking film is transferred via an offset plate on the support using glue. No need for a tool, no need to stall the support on a new machine, everything happens online on the new offset.

The cold marking allows reprinting on the gilding film. A juice, a gradient, a quadri, a décor in direct tone, the design is released. No need for white covering for texts or decorations, we work in reserve, directly on the cardboard.

The technicality of cold marking guarantees precision, agility and flexibility and cadence hold...

High-quality rendering

The overlays are facilitated thanks to a quality of location at the 100th: no need to wedg the cardboard on another machine, the cold rolling is done directly on the offset machine. Precision is the order of the day. From the flat to the fine disappearance, the gradients are sublimated thanks to an unparalleled point finesse.

No more white covering in several passes to regain purity, the reserve in cold gilding is imagined in flat for example, to give way to a quadri in back of pack, or an incredible finesse for texts, mentions or gencods.

An RSE process

Among its assets, this technicality has ecological virtues: saving time, materials and energy saving. Thanks to a very precise application, the cold marking process makes it possible to reduce the waste. The used film reels are then taken over by the supplier who, after a process of demetallization, recycles the PET by remetallizing it for a second life. The production of gilding iron tools is no longer necessary, it is a gain of material and energy.

Performance, ecology, design, cold marking opens up new perspectives for the world of high-end packaging.

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