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Tuesday December 6th, 2022
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Monitoring the performance of workshops at the heart of the Information System

"* Provide visibility on the progress of production orders, make the production data that is transmitted to the ERP more reliable, secure quality controls and material weighing, contribute to the implementation of lean management, motivate teams of production with simple and effective visual management, providing indicators and KPIs to managers: the list of benefits of MES-type software is long! * ”, Explains Christian Flachard of Creative IT, the publisher of the MES Qubes software package.
Deployed on more than 500 industrial sites, the Qubes software package contributes on a daily basis to helping industrial companies in their process of continuous improvement and optimization of industrial performance. The solution adapts perfectly to the constraints of cosmetic activities, as proof of the testimony of the Alkos Cosmétiques group: the implementation of an MES Qubes solution within their four production sites has made it possible to considerably reduce production costs by optimizing manufacturing processes and securing material flows.

ERP + Qubes + machines

" Thanks to a set of standardized interfaces, Qubes is integrated into the company's information system with on the one hand the ERP and on the other hand the production equipment ", continues Christian Flachard. This software thus makes it possible to retrieve data from the ERP (ranges, nomenclatures, OF, etc.) and to send the desired management information (quantities, time) back to the ERP. Likewise, Qubes collects all the data that brings added value on production equipment and measurement equipment.


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