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Lipoid Kosmetik wins two first prizes at the BSB Innovation Awards 2023

Lipoid Kosmetik is a leading manufacturer of high quality botanical extracts, actives and natural phospholipid products for the cosmetic and personal care industry.

With a clear vision of its consumers' needs, Lipoid Kosmetik develops natural, innovative and sustainable products that meet the highest standards.
Lipoid Kosmetik will be honored again at the 21st BSB Innovation Awards in 2023.

The BSB Innovation Awards recognize innovations in the fields of cosmetics and natural products and are awarded to raw materials, finished products and applied concepts.

Over time, the award has become a benchmark for innovation in the cosmetics and personal care industry, with an increasing number of entries from internationally recognized brands each year. The shortlists were filled with exciting products and renowned companies, demonstrating the importance of the BSB Innovation Award.

Lipoid Kosmetik is very proud to have received the first prize in the category Cosmetics/Raw materials/Actives, for its new ingredient, Amaretine. The international jury declared " Activation of a specific bitter receptor to stimulate lipid barrier formation and reduction of inflammatory markers to modulate atopic skin conditions is an innovative way to provide essential benefits to the skin; this could open new solutions for sensitive skin based on activation of other bitter receptors; the effects are very well documented. "

In the Natural Products/Raw materials/Actives category, its Mountain Tea Pro extract, which has proven and traceable activity, also won first prize.

The jury stated, " based on an interesting new plant species, ex vivo antioxidant potential demonstrated by ESR; interesting story of caffeine-free tea to calm down at night, and therefore a good active ingredient for night care products; European origin and community support" .

Winning these two top awards at the BSB Innovation Awards 2023 demonstrates its continued efforts to develop innovative, natural and sustainable ingredients that are backed by solid science, have compelling concepts and are in line with current cosmetic trends.

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