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Thursday, October 6, 2022
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L'Oréal announces the realization of the first plastic cosmetic bottle resulting from carbios enzymatic recycling


L'Oréal announces the realization of the first cosmetic bottle in fully recycled plastic thanks to Carbios' enzymatic technology and aims to put into production during 2025 the bottles resulting from this disruptive innovation. Biotherm would thus be the first brand of the Group to launch a product in this bottle of the future.

Carbios' technology, a pioneer in the development of biotechnological processes for the recycling of PET* plastic, paves the way for the manufacture of new products from 100% recycled materials thanks to its enzymatic process. It has the advantage of being able to process all types of PET, clear, colored, opaque and multilayered, and to be able to recycle these plastics endlessly.

Jacques Playe, Packaging and Development Director of L'Oréal,says: "We have been working with Carbios since 2017 to develop this first bottle based on enzymatic recycled PET, an alternative technology to mechanical recycling. Today, we are pleased to announce its feasibility in the pilot phase and are delighted to be able to create, with our partners, the packaging of the future. This is a promising innovation for the future that illustrates our commitment to bringing to market packaging that is more respectful of the planet and that is part of a circularity approach that has been under way for more than 15 years." 

Giulio Bergamaschi, Biotherm's International Managing Director,said: "Biotherm is a pioneer in eco-responsible cosmetics and has placed sustainable packaging and waste reduction at the centre of its strategy. We are very pleased to be the first cosmetic brand to make a fully recycled bottle thanks to Carbios' breaking technology." 

In 2017, to promote the development of innovative plastic recycling solutions, L'Oréal created with Carbios a consortium to industrialize its technology, which was joined by Nestlé Waters, PepsiCo and Suntory Beverage &Food Europe. Since 2019, L'Oréal has entered carbios through its private equity fund BOLD Business Opportunities for L'Oréal Development.
With "L'Oréal pour le Futur", L'Oréal's new sustainable development program for 2030, the Group has taken a new step towards a profound transformation of its activities and has set itself new ambitious objectives, particularly in the area of packaging:

  • • by 2025, 100% of its plastic packaging will be refillable, reusable, recyclable or compostable;
  • • by 2030, 100% of plastic packaging will be of recycled or bio-based origin, the Group will no longer use any virgin plastic of fossil origin;
  • • 100% of the ingredients used in bio-based formulas and materials will be traceable and come from sustainable sources by 2030.

To achieve these objectives, L'Oréal works with several strategic partners in order to have the best technologies. In addition to Carbios, L'Oréal collaborates in particular with Albéa, leader in cosmetic packaging, with whom the Group developed in 2019 the first cosmetic tube incorporating FSC-certified cardboard, Purecycle, to produce polypropylene (PP) recycled by solvolysis and LanzaTech and Total, with which L'Oréal announced in October 2020 a world first: the production of a polyethylene (PE) cosmetic bottle designed from recycled industrial carbon emissions.

*PET : PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic is the most commonly recycled plastic

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