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Industrial processes

Upcycling in perfumery, or how to transform "waste" into olfactory treasures!

TechnicoFlor explores new olfactory playgrounds with upcycled raw materials!

TechnicoFlor, a French, family-owned and independent perfume composition house, has just launched a collection of perfumes developed from upcycled raw materials that illustrates its vision of tomorrow's perfumery: responsible perfumery!

Intended for perfume and cosmetics brands concerned about protecting the planet and presented as a preview at the In-Cosmetics Global trade show in Paris from April 5 to 7, 2022, this collection includes eight responsible fragrances created by TechnicoFlor's perfumers.

A collection of responsible perfumes

TechnicoFlor's perfumers have developed these fragrances in compliance with very strict specifications in terms of responsibility for men, women and the planet. The challenge was to put forward an upcycled raw material: formulas with a high percentage of biodegradability, BetterTomorrow formulas, FairTrade materials, 100 % vegan, with a controlled environmental impact, and without any danger of skin sensitization.

From their palette of upcycled raw materials, they have selected white wine lees (from the deposit generated during the ageing period in wine and champagne barrels), oak wood (from wine barrel chips revalorized by CO2 extraction), carrot seeds (from seeds with low germination potential), cocoa absolute (from cocoa pods), clementine (from peels), cypress absolute (from waste from the cabinetmaking industry), and rose essential (from the distillation of petals that have already been used to create absolute). The result is eight new, surprisingly responsible fragrances: Raisin Divin, Up To Wood, Bois Tonic, Purple Fiction, Cacao Rosso, Sorbet Corse, Cypress'tige, Rosylicious.

Upcycling in perfumery

Upcycling is a process that consists in revaluing objects or materials destined to be thrown away to give them a new use and thus a second life. Unlike recycling, upcycling does not require any mechanical or chemical transformation of the material. The object is recovered as is, then improved to bring value and a new use. In perfumery, an ingredient can be considered upcycled when it is obtained by recovering unused by-products or waste from the perfume and flavor industry, the food industry or other industries. Upcycled ingredients can be of natural or synthetic origin. It is a new playground for perfumers who see their palette expanded with unexpected scents!

Committed perfumers 

Beyond its know-how in conventional perfumery, TechnicoFlor has been recognized worldwide for its expertise in natural and responsible formulation for over 15 years.

The company undertakes many actions to move towards a more responsible perfumery and preserve biodiversity:

  • Committed purchasing policy, favoring the sourcing of environmentally responsible raw materials (BetterTomorrow),
  • Creation of 100 % natural ranges in accordance with cosmos organic requirements (NatFlor perfumes),
  • Compositions with low environmental impact,
  • Tool for measuring the biodegradability of fragrances (BioD-Scent)
  • Support for environmental projects, etc...

According to TechnicoFlor, with this new collection, the company demonstrates once again its commitment to go further for the respect of people and the planet: "Let's continue together to make tomorrow a little better than today." 

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