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Thursday October 5, 2023
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Madame la Présidente and Superga Beauty: 360° support

Superga Beauty, the "Beauty" division of the Superga Invest group, a specialist in services for the luxury goods industry, is helping French start-up Madame la Présidente to extend its ranges and give its products a makeover.

The brand is expanding in the hair beauty market with a complete and inclusive natural offer dedicated to all hair types, straight, curly, frizzy... It includes hygiene, care and styling products, accessories and dietary supplements for women's, men's and children's hair.

Thanks to its full-service expertise, Superga Beauty is at its customers' side at every stage in the manufacture of their products, from design to industrialization.

A partnership for successful projects

The young French brand Madame la Présidente called on Superga Beauty's 360-degree expertise to support its development. Formulation and regulatory monitoring were handled by Superga Beauty's partner laboratory, while Superga Beauty teams managed the entire value chain from pack sourcing, through industrialization, to delivery of the final product.

"Our full-service offer means that each customer is supported at every stage, from design to implementation. Madame la Présidente benefits from a team of experts to manage her projects, develop her products and ensure their industrialization. The brand can thus rely on Superga Beauty to ensure its growth and devote itself solely to the success of its brand and the satisfaction of its customers.said Nathalie Dickeli, General Manager of Full Service & Promotion.

Give your products a makeover with full service

Superga Beauty, through its full service offer, also takes charge of brand and range developments. After working with Madame President's decision-makers to identify areas for improvement on existing tubes, Superga Beauty proposed a change in printing technology. For the time being, two products are being transformed, with flexographic decor printing on the entire packaging. Superga Beauty also made it possible to change two formulas from a jar to a tube. "For each new project, the Superga Beauty team brings its experience to bear on the choice of decor, technical solutions and costs."emphasizes Nathalie Dickeli.

A complete offering designed, formulated, manufactured and packaged in France

Superga Beauty gives its full-service customers the benefit of its French industrial base, comprising six wholly-owned plants. Madame la Présidente's hair care range is made and packaged at the BPS 60 cosmetics site in Montataire (60), while copackings are produced at the Chaulnes site (80). The full service team works closely with the planning and production teams, guaranteeing total control over execution.

"This collaboration with Superga Beauty is a further step in building the Madame la Présidente brand, explains founder Meriem Malone. French manufacturing has always been key for us, as has eco-design, which is equally important. With this partnership, it continues to be present at every stage of product realization, from the naturalness of formulas, beyond the 95 % of natural ingredients, to the recyclability of packaging. Taking full advantage of Superga Beauty's expertise and CSR strategy enables us to take concrete action to reduce the carbon impact of our brand."

The collaboration between Madame la Présidente and Superga Beauty is a long-term one, and several projects are already underway... Backed by a solid partner, committed to an effective and concrete CSR approach, the brand can calmly accelerate its development and conquer new markets.

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