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Marie Sermadiras is appointed CEO of all Cosfibel Group's operating subsidiaries

Marie Sermadiras joined the Cosfibel group in May 2021 with a view to taking the operational reins of the company. She has held the position of Executive Vice President since that date.
She will report to Cosfibel's Executive Chairman, Alain Chevassus, founder of the group in 2001 and majority shareholder since then.
The Cosfibel group will reach in 2021 a turnover of around 85 million $ US, a level slightly higher than 2019. The expected turnover in 2022 is USD 100 million, in the very high value-added markets of cosmetics, W&S and Fine Food.
Marie Sermadiras' main mission will be to ensure profitable and sustainable growth in order to enable Cosfibel to move from the stage of an SME to that of an ETI. This growth will be both organic and based on acquisitions in niches complementary to the existing segments.
In addition to the Chairman and CEO, the two other executives who will report to Marie Sermadiras have been confirmed as members of the Executive Committee: Stanislas Peronnet, Managing Director, who is also responsible for the creation of an Innovation and Sustainable Development department, and Natali Spasenic, Corporate CFO in charge of Finance, Administration and Management Control.

Alain Chevassus is delighted that Marie Sermadiras has taken over as head of Cosfibel: "Three years after our chance meeting, and during numerous exchanges, I was convinced that Marie's entrepreneurial spirit, her successful experiences and her great capacity for teamwork would be the key assets to continue and develop the Cosfibel adventure. I am particularly proud that this transfer of power will be passed on to a young 32 year old woman who is perfectly capable of facing new economic and social challenges, to the satisfaction of customers, teams and shareholders".

Marie Sermadiras said: "I am absolutely delighted that Alain Chevassus has placed his trust in me to succeed him as CEO of the Cosfibel group. I know that we have all the assets in hand to open a second chapter for Cosfibel, in particular thanks to expert and passionate teams, a strong and benevolent corporate culture and healthy and promising foundations".

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