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MoodScentz+ new era of oral care flavor development at Givaudan

Givaudan unveils an evolution of its industry-leading MoodScentz fragrance and oral care flavor design program. The new MoodScentz+ version redefines our understanding of emotional experience while introducing a new neurobiological measurement capability based on in-depth data mining.

In a world where mental health has become a top priority, with 85 % of people believing that fragrances can have a positive impact on their mood and well-being, MoodScentz+ perfectly reflects Givaudan's ability to develop tailor-made solutions that meet consumers' changing needs. The enhanced platform is the result of a four-year partnership with world-renowned academic leaders and a legacy of over 35 years of neuroscience research.

MoodScentz+ now enables oral care perfumers and flavourists to create compositions that positively enhance emotions, covering a wide range of positive moods: Relaxation and unwinding, invigoration and recharging, happiness and bliss. MoodScentz+ is based on a patent-pending creative design of oral care fragrances and flavors, based on ingredient combinations with specific mood benefits, proven scientifically and by consumers.

The groundbreaking research behind MoodScentz+ builds on the company's existing neurobiological innovation:

Reliable algorithms for designing mood-enhancing oral care fragrances and flavors, covering a broad olfactory palette and supporting all product categories.
Real-time measurement of emotional response, thanks to the new InSituScanz brain imaging capability, available worldwide.
Scientific validation with over 7,000 people using a combined approach involving InSituScanz, verbal and non-verbal techniques.

MoodScentz+ identifies and creates solutions to offer new emotion mapping for scent and taste. By unlocking a deeper understanding of consumer needs, the enhanced platform expands the potential for mood enhancement across all scented product categories and oral care flavors.

This revolutionary breakthrough in MoodScentz+ demonstrates Givaudan's ongoing commitment to developing technologies for a better future, in line with the company's objective: " Creating happier, healthier lives with love for nature " .

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