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OVE, an LED beauty mask

Lucibel-le recently presented OVE, a Led face mask, designed by Olivier Lapidus.

Founded in 2008 by Frédéric Granotier, Lucibel designs and manufactures in France new generation lighting products and solutions based on LED technology. The company is a pioneer in new applications made possible by LEDs beyond lighting, such as Internet access through light (LiFi) or the restoration of the benefits of natural light indoors (Cronos). Lucibel-le Paris, a subsidiary of the group, is the first company to have designed, manufactured in France and marketed, since the end of 2014, a "home device", in the format of a smartphone, allowing home sessions to treat wrinkles and stretch marks according to the principle of photobiomodulation. Its new product: OVE, a beauty mask based on the same technology.

The body is made up of living cells that constantly absorb and reflect light. Skin cells have the ability to absorb light and convert it into energy. This energy supply leads to a series of chemical reactions that allow the body and face to be remodeled. 

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"LEDs emit a "cold" light in all the colors of the rainbow. The skin, like all our organs, captures this light energy: this is photobiomodulation. Among these colors, red has shown the way. Studied for nearly 30 years, it acts as a "light cream", a true elixir of youth. It boosts cellular respiration, repairs, regenerates, calms, relaxes, rests... "says Michèle Pelletier, dermatologist.

The brand has teamed up with designer Olivier Lapidus to create a mask with new shapes and functions. "When Frédéric Granotier contacted me, the collaboration was obvious. I immersed myself in LED technology, with the idea of embodying it in new product ideas. I'm delighted that the OVE mask is coming to life, with the design characteristics that drive me: contemporary spirit, pure curves, and an inclusive design, for all.said Olivier Lapidus.

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"Born from this magnificent cooperation with Olivier Lapidus, a genius designer, the OVE mask is designed and manufactured in Barentin (Seine-Maritime) by Lucibel teams. Proud of its French origins, it relies on its elegance and its unequalled performance to conquer the world.said Frédéric Granotier, Lucibel's president and founder, on the occasion of the official launch of the OVE mask.

Presented as simple to use (a single button for a programmed session), OVE uses a cold light, without any risk of burning, to stimulate and regenerate the cells. This mask benefits from the latest technical innovations of Lucibel. With specific light intensities adapted to the different areas of the face, it allows to treat the whole face at a rate of 12 minutes per session, twice a week, for an optimum result according to Lucibel.le. 

Several clinical studies have been conducted. According to the brand, the results obtained validate the benefits of the technology.

One of the studies conducted in 2021 showed that the technology implemented by Lucibel-le significantly reduced the depth of crow's feet wrinkles and reduced the sagging of the oval of the face. The study also concluded that there was an improvement in the evenness of the complexion and a significant increase in the density of the dermis. Results were also reportedly increased when using the Lucibel LED solutions in combination with the "Synergie Led" cosmetic products also offered by the brand.

Beauty through light has been at the heart of the Lucibel group's research and innovation for many years. With the creation of the Lucibel-le brand, the group demonstrates its desire to pursue an ambitious development strategy in the service of beauty and well-being.

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