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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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Pro Carton launches the concept of "5 Rs of Responsibility" to fight waste in the packaging sector

Pro Carton, the European association of manufacturers of cases and cartons, today called for an update of the concept of "3R recycling" by prioritizing waste in order to meet the current challenges posed by packaging. Its "5 R of Responsibility" concept includes actions to be taken by consumers, brand owners, retailers, manufacturers and government authorities to help reduce the impact of packaging waste on our environment.

Pro Carton's 5 Rs include the well-known concepts of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling, but the association believes it should be added to two new steps: Renewand Replace. These steps are a guideline that can help society adopt a responsible attitude, reduce its packaging waste levels and move closer to a truly circular economy.
  • Reducing: An effective way to help the environment is to start by simply reducing waste. Packaging manufacturers have long adopted a philosophy of minimizing packaging to both reduce costs and minimize its impact on the environment.
  • Reuse: Packages that can be reused or stored are designed to be used many times, providing significant benefits in terms of durability, productivity, food safety and more.
  • Recycling: Packaging doesn't need to harm our environment. The solution is to improve recycling rates. To do so, manufacturers must ensure that all packaging is recyclable, and government authorities must regulate and standardize recycling services available to consumers and businesses.
  • Renew: by choosing truly renewable packaging materials (cardboard cases are the prime example because they are made from trees that are replanted in far greater numbers in Europe than they are exploited), brand owners can promote sustainability and take decisive steps to achieve a circular economy.
  • Replace: There is now a wide range of packaging materials currently available on the market that are both renewable and sustainable, so the substitution of unsustainable and non-recyclable packaging seems an obvious step in the right direction. Brand owners can replace materials that can damage our environment with environmentally friendly alternatives without a negative impact on their brand image or the attractiveness of linear products.
Tony Hitchin, directeur général de Pro Carton, a déclaré à propos de la campagne : « Le monde a changé et les 3 R du Recyclage ne reflètent plus complètement les actions que la société a besoin de prendre pour répondre au défi des déchets en plastique. Nous pensons que c’est aux consommateurs et à l’industrie de prendre leurs responsabilités et de décider activement de réparer les dégâts causés. »
« L’emballage est un élément important du marketing mix et son rôle est beaucoup plus vaste que celui de simplement protéger le produit. C’est un outil promotionnel clé qui peut renforcer l’identité inextricablement liée à une marque mais il n’a pas besoin pour autant d’endommager durablement notre planète. Le carton en tant que matériau est fabriqué à partir de ressources renouvelables, il est biodégradable et recyclable. C’est le choix naturel de l’industrie de l’emballage. »
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