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Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Naturex's Open Innovation program celebrates its first anniversary


Sharing knowledge and resolving issues through the application of revolutionary technologies have always been at the heart of Naturex's activity. Launched in March 2016, the Ingenium program, which aims to encourage technological progress and the introduction of new products through collaboration with external partners, has been very successful this year. Ingenium is well placed to make a positive contribution to the progress of Naturex, by helping the group to achieve its Bright2020 strategic objectives.

Eight successful collaborations during the year
During 2016, Naturex collaborated with many international partners. These cooperations include, among other things, a licensing agreement with the Barry Callebaut Group that enabled the launch of Cocoactiv', a cocoa extract high in flavanols, and with Adamed, a company based in Poland, which led to the introduction on the market of Aronox®, an aronia extract targeting cardiovascular health. Other companies such as Mazza Innovation, FP Innovation, EPC Natural Products, In-Vitro Plant-tech and Green2Chem have also collaborated with Naturex to develop responsible and innovative natural solutions. The latest transaction involves the acquisition of certain assets of the French company Dialpha SAS, including patents, trademarks and clinical studies involving three health ingredients. These ingredients from cashews, cinnamon and chicory are specifically designed to help regulate blood sugar levels and manage weights. The group wants to study the potential of these ingredients, and their synergistic effect in combination with other ingredients in the Naturex portfolio.

Open Innovation's specific tracks in 2017
"Last year has been very productive in terms of Open Innovation at Naturex," says Doug Klaiber, GlobalLy Deployment Manager of the Ingenium Program. "We are delighted with the number of exciting opportunities that have been presented to us. At the moment, we are seeing dozens of opportunities in the process and we are identifying new ones every day. The current challenge now is to focus on the most meaningful ones. »

To this end, Naturex has defined four main areas of potential collaboration:
• Natural colors (especially blue, green and red);
• Innovative natural solutions for food preservation;
• Natural phytoactive ingredients acting on health or for cosmetic purposes
• Technologies or enriched ingredients of natural origin for nutrition (vitamins and minerals).
Klaiber adds: “We see Ingenium as a flexible tool, which will help us achieve our Bright 2020 goals”. Naturex is happy and proud to share its botanical expertise with partners determined to implement innovative approaches. "

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