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Tuesday August 9th, 2022
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Quadpack Plastics celebrates its first anniversary

Quadpack Plastics was founded over a year ago, and it has been an eventful year. The addition of injection molding to Quadpack's production capabilities has broadened the company's offering, which can find the right solution for each customer from their suppliers, or they can manufacture it. Skeyndor and Germaine de Capuccini are just two examples of brands that now benefit from the services of Quadpack Plastics.
The improvements made to the plant organization and to the facilities for staff, health and safety measures and new equipment have contributed to increasing the efficiency of the plant, located in Castellbisbal, near Barcelona, in Spain.
What is more, a continuous equipment monitoring system is now in place at this factory, as well as in the other factories of the Production Division. This intelligent system collects data in real time, which facilitates production planning, preventive maintenance and efficiency analysis to help Quadpack meet its goal of an overall rate of return of at least 85% .
In terms of product offering, Quadpack Pastics' acrylic jar portfolio has been enriched with new materials, including SMMA and Surlyn, which give thickness and transparency to high-end jars, and PETG, a particularly new option. interesting for sun protection brands, thanks to its compatibility with SPF formulas.
Ernesto Cara, Head of the Production Division, observed: “The first year of Quadpack Plastics has been very active and productive. I am proud of the results we have achieved. In production, the process of improvement never ends, but today, on our first anniversary, we are exactly where we wanted to be. "
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