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Industrial processes

Easily measure the effectiveness of formulas with digital opton microscopes

**In the field of cosmetology research, knowledge of the physicochemical properties of the final product (cream, emulsion, shampoo) requires both a characterization of the elements that make up this product and a demonstration of the interactions between the product and its place of action (skin, hair ....). **

These studies can be performed very easily thanks to the new generation of DSX optonumeric microscopes which allow to easily characterize all types of samples classically used in cosmetology (liquids, emulsions, creams, powders, crystals...) deposited on a substrate (natural or artificial) or on a mineral substrate

Application example: hair cuticles

Hair cuticles can be easily observed with the 2D and 3D HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique of the DSX series digital optonomic microscopes with the MPLFLN50XBDP objective.
The range of magnification covered makes it possible to observe elements ranging from millimeter to subnanometer size. Regardless of experience and knowledge, the image obtained will always be the best thanks to the "Best image" function. Three-dimensional measurements can be performed and certified very easily thanks to an interactive and intuitive interface. Any operator, regardless of his level of experience, will be able to use the DSX microscopes easily and simply to perform very precise control observations or analyses in every operation.
Insert : DSX500_2.tif
Caption: The DSX range is the answer to cosmetic metrology. It allows you to evaluate, measure the effectiveness and validate formulas and finished products in your laboratory in complete safety and with all the necessary confidentiality.


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