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Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie awarded at the PCD innovation awards 2023

The French factory and its customer Puig are recognized in the perfume category.
for Dries Van Noten's perfume bottles.
This is the 3rd time the collection has been recognized, having received a Formes de Luxe award last October and a CosmétiqueMag gold award in November.

The refillable bottle for Dries Van Noten eaux de Parfum, launched almost a year ago, is now available in a new version.
awarded in the women's fragrance category at the PCD innovation awards in January 2022. Both Puig, the customer, and Stoelzle, the glass supplier, received the award on Wednesday, January 25, 2022. All suppliers involved in the project were also congratulated.

This attractive glass bottle is made in Hauts-de-France, at Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie, and features ten shells on the bottom of the bottle, four different materials (porcelain, plastic, wood, metal) and two types of lacquer (eight classic and two Quali Glass Coat 2.0, an eco-friendly powder coating exclusive to STO).
A first of its kind for Stoelzle, the innovative features involve the development of ten products at once; a complete, multi-material product line with the need to adapt the gluing process to account for dimensional differences, between shell and bottle, depending on the material. Each of the ten bottles requires a different bonding system, which is a first for Stoelzle in combining so many materials at once.
Dries Van Noten's collectible bottle also features a unique unscrewing system, with a mesh inside to make the closing mechanism invisible. A special key is supplied with the refill bottle to unlock the pump, along with a funnel for easy filling.

The innovative bottles are refillable and reusable, which allows them to be transformed into soliflore and to become real objects of art. The bottles can also be used as perfume diffusers.
The creative director of the brand that bears his name, Dries Van Noten, drew on his passion for flowers and gardening to come up with a concept for the bottles. This inspiration led him to team up with leading international perfumers, who interpreted different aspects of the brand's unique character.
The brand has entrusted Stoelzle Masnières with the exclusive production of the glass and decoration of these refillable bottles, which, like the world of Dries Van Noten, have a striking visual appeal.
For Dries Van Noten Beauty, integrity and sustainability are the basis of everything that is developed.

All their products are designed to be refillable and have less impact on the environment.
the environment. The bottles contain 11.6 % of recycled industrial glass (PCR glass). What's more, two of the line's bottles are powder-coated with Stoelzle's exclusive Quali Glass Coat 2.0 decoration technique, in line with an eco-responsible approach.
Dries Van Noten's bottles can be seen in ten decor variations, eight of which are lacquered: Jardin de l'Orangerie, Neon Garden, Rosa Carnivora, Cannabis Patchouli, Voodoo Chile, Rock the Myrrh, Fleur du Mal, Soie Malaquais; and two are powder-coated (exclusive STO process, Quali Glass Coat 2.0): Raving Rose and Santal Greenery.
Since the launch of eaux de parfum and lipsticks, a whole collection of fashion and accessories has been developed to match the 10 existing bottles.
The Stoelzle team is proud to have been recognized as best in class at the Formes De Luxe luxury packaging innovation awards.

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