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For its 50th anniversary, Exsymol launches its nutrition activity

Exsymol, supplier of active ingredients for 50 years, and recognized worldwide for its expertise in silicon and its range of active ingredients, silanols, is launching a new nutrition activity. With its expertise in skin and its biological mechanisms, Exsymol wishes to develop a wide range of active ingredients to meet the growing demand for food supplements. This diversification of activities comes 3 years after the beginning of the transformation and reorganization process of Exsymol, under the impulse of Pierre Bondon, its delegate president. The idea is to rely on the expertise and experience of the evaluation, marketing and communication teams, among others, to enter this new market.

The new nutrition activity was launched during the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary, during the scientific seminar, with the distribution of a box presenting an In and Out routine based on 4 products formulated with Exsymol ingredients, both cosmetic and food.

The Glow routine composed of a serum and a skin detox supplement, both based on carcinine (Alistin for the cosmetic ingredient and Glycoless for the food ingredient): consumer tests proved that the combination of these 2 products induced softer skin for 82.5 % of users, brighter skin for 70 % as well as shinier hair for 71.1 % of them.

The second routine, RelaxThis product is based on silicon with Algisium, Exsymol's flagship active ingredient, formulated in a wake-up mist and a food supplement for overall skin and hair well-being.

According to consumers, the skin is softer (80 %), better hydrated (74.4 %), the combination of the 2 products induces a general feeling of well-being for 80 % of users.

This range of products aimed to make a concrete proposal of the use of Exsymol ingredients was presented as a Monegasque routine, between rhythmic and softer life, combining the benefits of hydration and luminosity of the complexion.

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