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Superga Beauty positions itself on upcycling in full service


Superga Beauty presents its first line of products made for full service in upcycling. In partnership with the cosmetic formulation laboratory GBC, the 360-degree beauty provider innovates by offering premium treatments formulated with a high rate of upcycling and an increased eco-responsibility approach.

Upcycling to go further in the eco-responsible approach

Upcycling – or upcycling in French – consists of recovering materials intended to be discarded to create products or objects of superior quality. The "waste" is transformed and premiumized or diverted. It is adorned with new rewarding functions. Big names in beauty as well as suppliers have taken up these topics that meet the current expectations of consumers in search of naturalness and meaning. Superga Beauty affirms its desire to be a pioneer in this paradigm shift by offering brands a full service offer of cosmetics and care from upcycling.

A range of treatments with more than 85% upcycling ingredients

"Our goal at Superga Beauty is to move the lines and open up new fields of eco-responsible and creative possibilities for brands. Currently, when formulas incorporate ingredients from upcycling, it is at minimal rates. With our French partner, the GBC laboratory, we wanted to mark a major evolution and define a core formula almost entirely derived from upcycling. The first challenge was to identify the source of water. The second was its integration into sensory, efficient and stable formulas. This is the feat of the GBC laboratory. We obviously didn't stop there! The range is designed in terms of ecological approach in its entirety, right down to the kit that accompanies it, made from transformed jeans scraps," explains Leslie Bréau Meniger, President of Superga Beauty.

With this upcycling approach, Superga Beauty pushes the slider of eco-responsibility further and allows brands an unprecedented positioning. They can combine, via the full service offer, formulas with a high rate of upcycling and significant advances in terms of ecological approach.

With GBC, Superga Beauty has developed a first range of three facial treatments from the apple: the Gala mask, the Golden serum and the Granny gel.

Each product is composed of at least 95.4% of ingredients of natural origin, 88.3% of ingredients from upcycling and 50% of water from the dehydration of the fruit (upcylated).

The reuse and valorization of water from the dehydration of fruits marks an innovative technical feat and paves the way for significant water savings, in an industry that consumes a lot of water.

"We have created an upcycled range with sensory and effective formulas, which do not concede anything to pleasure. The result is a real beauty routine for the radiance of the complexion. This range developed in full service is a demonstration of our expertise. It can be adapted to fit into our customers' catalogue," adds Leslie Bréau Meniger.

The combined know-how of Superga Beauty and GBC is aimed at all brands wishing to offer their customers new ranges of upcycled products, and pushes, further, the limits of eco-responsibility.

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