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Tuesday October 3, 2023
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The start-up Beautigloo raises 2.7 M€ to become the world leader in refrigerated beauty

Beautigloo is carrying out its first capital increase to meet the strong demand it is facing. The funds raised will enable it to increase its production capacity and support its commercial development. A way for the young company to assert its place in the highly competitive electro-beauty sector.

More than two years of R&D were necessary for Beautigloo to design its first product: the Refrigerated Beauty Box. A mini refrigerator equipped with a patented cooling system and an intelligent, environmentally friendly thermal regulation software, which improves the performance of cosmetics according to its designers.

The company, which is facing a strong demand only a few months after its commercialization, announces a 2.7 million euros financing round composed of Business Angels gathered by the shared family office Eukratos, the investment fund Gemmes Venture, BPI France and the Banque Populaire. 

Industrial consolidation 

"We wish to consolidate our industrial presence in France and increase our production capacity in order to continue to internalize the manufacturing of our products. On a daily basis, we rely on our high standards, our expertise and our renowned know-how in order to offer our customers impeccable quality.says Florian Ménard, co-founder and technical director of Beautigloo.

The startup aims to expand its product range and recruit talent to support this growth and hope to become the world leader in refrigerated beauty.

It also wishes to pursue its commercial development in Europe, the United States and Russia where it is already established.

A French innovation prized by cosmetic brands

During the year 2021, Beautigloo saw its revenues triple. The start-up already has many customers - individuals and professionals - including prestigious cosmetics brands such as Biologique Recherche, Dior or L'Oréal.

"We bring value to cosmetic brands by enhancing the beauty experience. With the Refrigerated Beauty Box, the effectiveness of cosmetics is optimized and the sensoriality increased tenfold.says Clara Lizier, co-founder of Beautigloo

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