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Monday, November 28, 2022
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TNT Global Manufacturing creates TNT Promo, formerly Promolib, as a specific entity dedicated to secondary and promotional packaging

The objective is to provide a complementary range of accessories and primary and secondary packaging to beauty and perfume brands. The two companies pool their skills and resources to work in synergy and offer relevant, coherent and responsive solutions to their customers.
This approach aims to boost interactions with brands by merging expertise in order to accelerate development processes. Pacollection, the result of collaboration between TNT Global Manufacturing, Promolib and Puig teams, illustrates this approach.

Murielle Frowein, specialist in secondary and bespoke promotional packaging for 23 years (Promolib, Pochet, Albea) is joined by Virginie Pellé, expert in B2B project management in the packaging and luxury accessories industry for 20 years (Scott Adam Designs, LF Beauty, Wathne International). Respectively VP Development and VP Sales, both are responsible for developing TNT Promo's activity. Supported by dedicated teams in Paris and Hong Kong, they will ensure the stages of creation, development and production of secondary and promotional packaging (Luggage, textiles, boxes, boxes, etc.).

As a reminder, TNT Global Manufacturing designs, develops and manufactures high-end metal components - zamak, aluminum, brass, stainless steel - and plastic for the perfume, cosmetics and make-up industry such as: covers, shields, plates, boxes, boxes, Lipsticks or even cosmetic applicator components.

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