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Monday, November 28, 2022
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TNT Global Manufacturing realizes the hood of Jean Paul Gaultier's new feminine

It is a technical challenge that TNT Global Manufacturing had to meet in order to meet Puig's requirements: to succeed in producing this zamak cover in one piece.
This champagne gold galvanized zamak cover is the result of a complex production process. It combines industrial know-how, with complex mold release kinematics, and an almost artisanal finish, with several successive polishing steps.
This cheeky cover is the result of a complete and proactive partnership dynamic between the development teams of Puig and TNT Global Manufacturing.
4 years, 12 employees, 14 million USD in turnover in 2016, TNT Global Manufacturing confirms the excellence of its know-how. Among the materials that have made it successful, zamak is particularly suited to the world of perfume, cosmetics and make-up, thanks to its multiple properties: stability, malleability, resistance, hardness and dermatological compatibility.

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