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TNT Global Manufacturing & TNT Promo sublimate By Far Dayream

TNT Global Manufacturing and TNT Promo have combined their expertise and know-how to bring the By Far Dayream refillable Eaux de Parfum collection to perfection.

Two lacquered aluminum shells and a zamac collar adorn this bottle. The embossed logo and charmille texture on the zamac collar mark the packaging. The use of Pok inserts in the collar and hull were essential to ensure that this nomadic accessory would stay put. The weighted hull insert is made of PP.

A stainless steel key allows the base shell to be opened for bottle change or new personalization. For the ultimate in personalization, the base shells and caps are available in 6 colors, and the collar in 2 finishes: ecoating gold and shiny white bronze galvanization + varnish. 

The 4 elements are supplied separately for maximum flexibility in packaging management.

TNT Global Manufacturing's development teams have devised a clever locking system to ensure the integrity of this pack, designed as a mobile, on-the-go fashion accessory. 

Restocking will also be handled by TNT Global Manufacturing.  

Last but not least, TNT Promo has created the Vip box and display unit, which showcases hulls, covers and key-rings, as well as the Duo boxes, which contain two hulls in different colors and two refills.

The limited edition Vip display box is in pink lacquered MDF with a double opening, a large interior mirror, the By Far gold signature and orange leather closing tabs.

The placement of the products has been carefully studied to ensure the balance of the box when the two panels are opened on the top and front.

The inside of the top panel features several compartments, each with a hook and belt to hold various accessories.

All wedges on the lower part are removable, making this box infinitely reusable.

Duo boxes are made from cardboard lined with FSC paper, and feature contrasting orange and fuchsia-colored inner liners. A real vitamin concentrate!

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